D4DME – The Database (Part One)

One of my tasks for today (as decided in our group meeting) was to create the tables in our database that the users will be able to submit content to. One of these will be a user credentials table that will contain information about anyone who signs-up to our site (name, username, password, email, etc). The second is going to be slightly more complicated, as it will contain recipes submitted by users with varying criteria.

The user credentials table will look like this:


Screenshot of PHPMyAdmin

With five columns of information (id, name, surname, username, password, email and date joined). This table will be fairly straightforward to link up to. The only fields that will be required to sign-in are username and password, so the process will be fairly simple to code.

The recipe table is going to be slightly harder to produce, as the fields need to be refine-able in the search options of the website.


Screenshot of Student Recipes

To help me think of the different fields for the submission form, I had a look at a pre-existing student recipe website called Student Recipes. This form covers the basics such as the recipe name, ingredients and method, though after our discussion in the group meeting today we decided to include as many fields as possible to make the search results specific to the user.


Screenshot of Word

Above is a list of fields that I am going to suggest to my team mates that could be included in the recipe form. Before I make the table I will need to check whether they want to use all of these fields or whether some are unnecessary.


Bailey, J., 2004. Quick and easy recipes for students [online]. Available from: http://studentrecipes.com/ [2/19/2015].