Infographic Poster – The Pallet

As I mentioned previously, an integral part of my poster design is going to be based around a good colour pallet. The water cycle immediately makes me think of colder colours such as blue and brown, so I plan to create a pallet that will work harmoniously in my poster. A great website for colour palettes is, so I decided to look through the pallets here for inspiration. After searching for a range of colours that I thought would suit the theme of ‘water cycle’, I found three palettes that I really liked and thought would work well with the potential designs I had in mind.


I particularly liked the soft, pastel-like hues of these pallets. However, as these palettes were created by other artists, I will not use them for my actual piece, though I may use them to help me come up with my own colour scheme in the designing process.


After looking through further colour palettes on Colour Lovers, I decided to create my own scheme to play around with. I did this using a website called Paletton, which is a free colour scheme generator. The website allows you to pick from a range of setting in order to generate your custom pallet. I decided to go for a ‘four colours’ pallet in order to create a pallet with many colours to chose from.


The result of my pallet making was interesting. I tried to pick colours that would suit the theme of the water cycle, so I went for natural hues that weren’t too saturated. I do not intend to use every hue on my pallet, though this gives me a nice variety to play around with whilst creating my designs. I will experiment with some of these colours whilst in the designing process.


The palette on the left is called “Life Cycle” and was composed by Colour Lovers user amaranthys.
The palette in the centre is called “Good Friends” and was composed by Colour Lovers user Yasmino.
The palette on the right is called “Cycle” and was composed by Colour Lovers user Magg.