Time and Space Task (Part Five)

Having completed each subsection of the Time and Space photography task, I am pleased to say that I have taken something away from this project. It was really enjoyable to make my first cinemagraph, as well as to find subjects that would suite the theme of ‘Cycle’ in my photography.

I was lucky to have a friend within the Media School who owned his own DSLR, which saved me a lot of time (as I did not have to loan one out from Siso).

This task really made me stop and think about motion; which subjects would appear out of place if I used a certain shutter speed or what would even make a good subject in the first place.

I may create some more cinemagraphs in the future, as I found the first one enjoyable to edit.

Time and Space Task (Part Four)


For my David Hockney inspired joiner images, I decided to create a simple scene in our house downstairs.
I didn’t go into as much detail as Hockney (where he usually goes for a 9 by 9 grid) and instead went with fewer but larger images. For a first try I think it turned out rather nicely, though I underestimated how tricky it is to make the images work together (I did in fact take a lot more than are shown in the final piece above).