Workshop Compilation (Building the dummy website)

Over the last ten or so weeks, Kyle (workshop tutor) has been teaching us how to create a website from scratch. This post contains a compilation of screenshots from each step in the process with highlights over the new content added to each stage. (This is mostly here for my reference to go over what we covered but it is still relevant to the unit). 

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D4DME Workshop (Project folder/files hierarchy)

For the first official workshop of the D4DME unit, Kyle (workshop tutor) got us to set up an example project folder to use as a starting point for any website project.


Screenshot of Project Folder

The layout was fairly straightforward, as we had setup a similar folder for our dummy website in the past series of workshops. The only new element to the above example was the addition of the templates folder, which allows for cleaner HTML/PHP files (as you can make separate files such as a ‘navigation’ to be included at the top of every file rather than having the same code on every page).