Induction (Four Tasks)

Task One:

As an introduction to our course, we were given a list of four tasks to complete. The first of these tasks was a mini group project that required us to meet up as a group of 17 students and take photographs at various locations. The more ambitious the location, the more points our team would receive. We initially planned to meet up as a group outside the Talbot campus reception, though sadly only four people (sans myself) managed to turn up. Regardless of our small numbers, we still managed to take some group shots using an iPad. This seemed like a good idea, given that ‘selfies’ are quite a modern focus in the media today. We decided that our narrative should be something along the lines of ‘Exploring Bournemouth’.

We went for the top five locations (seeing as we all knew where they were) and then decided to just take some group photos anyway for fun. It might have been easier to find the other locations if more members from our group had turned up.

This task was a good way to test us on our team-working abilities, as we are going to be working on a lot of collaborative projects during our course.

It was fun working with Hallam, Tim, Amy and Darlene.

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Task Two:

The next three tasks on our list were all solo tasks. Task two required us to take an online learning styles quiz ” at . I have done several of these tests in the past, so I already knew what my outcome was going to be, though I did it again just to make sure. My primary learning style is Visual, though in certain situations I benefit more from practical, Kinaesthetic learning.

Task Three:

Task three was to start our academic blogs. I initially created mine using blogger, though Kyle suggested that we should use WordPress instead, as it is much easier to categorize your posts. Blogging about my work is a completely new experience, so hopefully I will get the hang of it fairly soon.

Task Four:

Our final task was to produce a mindmap with the centre question of  “What are my expectations from 3 years studying Digital Media Design?”
To reflect on my primary style of learning, I created a visual-orientated mindmap with several illustrations.