D4DME – Filtering the Data

Another important function for the user will be to have choice over what type of recipes they want to view. In order to make this happen, I needed to create a set of filters that the user can refine based on the different columns in the recipe table.


Screenshot of my submit form

The four columns that the user can filter through are ‘Cook Time’, ‘Cuisine’, Ingredients’, and ‘Allergy Warning’. It would be very easy to add extra filters such as a ‘Vegetarian’ option if we needed to, though for now I wanted to keep it simple.

<form method="get" name="cuisine" action="index.php">
      <input type="text" name="cuisine" placeholder="e.g Italian" size="10" maxlength="120">
      <input type="submit" value="Search">

The main difference between this type of form and the previous ones I created is that this one uses ‘get’ as the method rather than ‘post’. Once the query has been written, the search options will allow the user to search the database for anything that matches their entry.

    if(isset($_GET["cuisine"])) { 
        $query = "SELECT * FROM recipe WHERE recipe_culture LIKE '%{$_GET["cuisine"]}%'"; 
    } else if...

My query above shows the use of ‘Wildcards’. In this instance, I’m using the LIKE condition alongside the wildcards to make SQL search for anything that is similar the the user’s entry (e.g if they were to type in ‘ita’ into the cuisine field, it would return any recipe that was Italian).
I found out about ‘Wildcards’ from W3Schools after Kyle told me about them in a workshop.

The ‘else if’ statement repeats the above query several times for each column before the final ‘else’ statement just selects all of the data without any refinements.


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