D4DME – HTML Forms (Part Four)

Having completed the sign-up form, all I had to do for the next one was tweak a few details.


Screenshot of my submit form

The only things that needed to be changed were the names of the fields and certain input options (drop downs rather than text entry). Aside from this, and the change in sql queries, the code was exactly the same.


The image entry field is currently a text entry because I could not work out how to create an upload query that worked with the dakar server. I managed to make the upload function work, but it told me that I did not have the correct permissions to upload images to the database. So for now, users will have to upload their images using an external image uploader and then paste the URL into the form for it to work (otherwise there is a default image that will display if the field is empty).


Screenshot of my submit form

        if (!empty($row["recipe_image"])) { 
            $imageName = $row["recipe_image"];
        } else {
            $imageName = "images/Untitled.png";
<!-- V: The php block above is saying that if the recipe_image column is not empty then to use the URL in it, but if it is empty then use a default image -->
    <img src="<?php echo $imageName; ?>" />

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