D4DME – My opinion (a summary)

Over the course of this unit, I have already expressed my general opinions towards our group idea for our website. However, I thought that it would be a good idea to write a summary so that I can reflect back on everything as our work progresses.

My initial reaction to the group work was that I really wanted to take the lead on the CSS/design side of the project, though this wouldn’t have been very practical, as Chace admitted that he was struggling to learn PHP and would be more comfortable if he was allowed to start with the CSS. Obviously we are all going to make contributions to each part of the project, though initially we decided that it would be best to focus on a particular area.

The main focus for this brief is to ensure that our website is functional. The design is an added bonus, really, which I have tried to keep in mind whilst working with my team.

For this reason, I was put in charge of the PHP. As PHP is completely new to me as well, I have found some parts of this project challenging so far (as well as feeling slightly under pressure to make things work in a practical manner). It will be important for me to make sure that both my team mates understand my coding and that they can explain what is going on when we present our website in the group critique.

I was happy to go with a recipe-themed idea for our website, though the initial colour scheme did not sit well with me. I was very persistent with my team mates in saying that yellow was not a successful colour to use for our design. I managed to persuade them in the end, so overall I am satisfied with how the design is going so far.

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