Blog Post System

We were set a homework task this week to create a post system for our blogs. I decided to keep mine simple and colour co-ordinated with my blog theme (teals and greys). All paragraph text will be aligned ‘justify’ like this block of text here so that it touches either side o the blog post and lines up with the images.

The width of my blog posts is 440 pixels wide. As I want the images to align with the text, I set them to full size and align them to the center.


Screenshot of ____

Every image will open in a new page to be viewed in full. They also have a reference beneath them briefly explaining what they are and (if applicable) linking to the appropriate source.


Screenshot of ____

Any image that is smaller than 440px wide will be placed into a template image on Photoshop and padded out either side with a colour that matched my blog. That way all images will reach the same width as the text.

Links look like this.


References will be formatted in the BU Harvard Referencing style in this section beneath a h2 tag.


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