D4DME – HTML Forms (Part Two)

After doing a bit of research on w3schools, I found out how to start the process of validating my form.


Screenshot of my code in Brackets

The first thing that I added was in relation to security. As this is our first coding project, I know that there is no emphasis on security, though I thought that learning this practice now would be useful for the future. The above image demonstrates the use of a PHP function that stops a user from being able to inject code into the page.


Screenshot of my code in Brackets

The next thing I did was create a function (in a separate file that I linked in with PHP) that would validate the data inputted from the form. The function will strip any unnecessary spaces at the beginning/end of the data and will remove any special characters.


Screenshot of my code in Brackets

I then set the function to run in my main index file (with the addition of the ucfirst() function to both name fields) so that the data would be updated before being sent to the database.


Screenshot of the data before validation


Screenshot of the data in the table after validation

Finally, I ran a test to see how my new function would handle the data. As expected, the data that I put in was validated nicely, with the name/surname being capatalised and all unnecessary spaces removed.


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