D4DME – HTML Forms (Part One)

Whilst I was waiting to hear back from Simon, I put my time to good use and started to build the form(s) using HTML (and later on PHP for form validation). For the time being I used some of my own CSS so that I could see everything clearly on the page, though once everything is working, I will be able to integrate my coding into the CSS that Chace is making. Starting with the sign-up form, I coded a basic page and form  that linked to a table in PHPMyAdmin, which looked like this:


Screenshot of my initial Website

The table within my database that the form submitted to looks like this (as based on my ERD):


Screenshot of PHPMyAdmin

Once my PHP were working together with my database, it looked like this:


Screenshot of my code in Brackets

Last but not least, my HTML (which at this point was just the form and it’s containing div(s)) looked like this:


Screenshot of my code in Brackets

At this point, anything inputted into the form fields would be sent to my ‘user’ table in my database (only if there is something in every form, however, thanks to the first step of form validation I conducted). My next step is going to be validating the form properly.


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