D4DME – The Website Design

As discussed in our first group meeting today (Here), Kyle and I decided to do some research into logo and icon design for our website. This is mostly Kyle’s area, as I said that I didn’t mind working on the PHP to start with if he wanted to work on the design (though I decided to give Kyle a hand as there isn’t much I can contribute until Chace creates the base code for our website). Chace was in charge of creating a mock-up of our first design idea, so in the meantime I decided to play around in illustrator to make a logo. My logo is only going to be a place holder, as Kyle is working on some more detailed designs for the actual logo.

The working title for our website is ‘Starving Students’, which is going to be a quick and easy recipe site with different filtering criteria aimed at students. This gave me a few ideas to start with, based mostly around how to represent the idea of students and food.


Screenshot of Illustrator

After doing a quick Google search for ‘student icon’ I found that the student hat was the most widely accepted icon to represent students. I decided to make a simple vector of the hat. My initial idea to integrate food into the design was to include a knife and fork somewhere alongside the hat, so I tried out different positions.


Screenshot of Illustrator

I decided to go for the top left design, as I thought that the cutlery fit nicely underneath the hat and didn’t take up any unnecessary room.


Screenshot of Illustrator

The last addition to the logo was a circle backdrop with a thick border to contain the icon. The colours of the logo are not final, merely place holders until we have a design for our website.


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