D4DME – The GitHub

During today’s group meeting, I decided that it was about time I understood how to use GitHub properly. Luckily enough, Rob decided to drop by the lab whilst we were having our meeting, so I asked him to give me a quick tutorial on how to use the command line function.


Screenshot of the GitHub Command Line Function

He showed me how to commit files to the repository using simple commands, as well as how to push and pull files to the website without needing to upload anything manually. I gave this a try with the project folder from our ‘Meet the Team’ page to see what would happen. After pushing the folder to GitHub, I made some changes to the colour scheme before committing again and taking a look at the files on the website.


Screenshot of GitHub

Now that I understand how to use GitHub (and see why it is a practical way of working) I intend to make sure that my group understand how to use it.


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