D4DME – Participatory Culture (Part Three)

Another open source UGC platform that we were introduced to is Wiki Commons. Wiki Commons is a place where you can upload and share your work (mostly photographs or images) with other users with specific ‘copyright’ rules in mind. The general consensus is that another user may use your work freely so long as they give credit and allow other users to use whatever they make from your original content.

As Wiki Commons seems like something we will be using to find images for our website project, I decided to see how easy it would be to contribute my own files.


Screenshot of Wiki Commons

The process was really straightforward and simple with a section that highlighted the ‘copyright’ laws that I could place on my work.


Screenshot of Wiki Commons

I think that open source UGC platforms are extremely useful for creative projects when it comes to finding usable content. If you’re looking for a temporary filler image, the last thing you want to do is infringe on someone’s copyright laws and get yourself into unnecessary trouble. Wiki Commons has a vast array of images to choose from that all have fairly lenient restrictions to their usage.

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