Infographic Poster – The Design (Part Two)

SAM_1215Once I was happy with the general design for the title, I started to think about how I could represent more of the symbols that I had drawn earlier. Having already attempted to make the mountain, I went back to improve it with my new design strategy of using gradients, as well as having a shot at making the sun.

UntitledAfter applying gradients to the mountain, it looks more like a complete design rather than a flat triangle. The addition of darker tones also helps make it more obvious that it is a mountain (though I understand that it could still be mistaken for something else). The sun was fun to make; I layered different shapes on top of each other until I resembles the shape I had sketched in my book. The gradients helped to blur the different shapes together.

Untitled-2Next came the three states of water scale that I sketched at the top of the page. I figured that if I am going to be showing how water is cycled throughout the states without the use of words then I would need some form of scale to represent these changes in a simplistic way. After showing the symbols to my friends, one of them remarked how the ‘gas’ symbol wasn’t obvious at first and that I should change it to look more like a cloud of water vapour or smoke.

UntitltdyjedI was quick to change the gas symbol, as well as adding in the arrows to represent the changes between hot and cold.


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