Infographic Poster – The Style

Today we were introduced to the idea of ‘flat design’ in our PAL session. Flat design is a very basic style of illustration that looks professional for things such as web design and posters. Logos in particular are making a move towards flat design, such as the symbols for apps on android and apple.

With a limited range of shapes and colours, the above image is still very easy to decipher. You can clearly interpret what everything is meant to be, as everything is front facing regardless of its actual position in reality.

Create a Long Shadow in Flat Design With Adobe Illustrator

I particularly like the drop shadow on these symbols. It creates a theoretical third dimension to the designs even though they are completely flat. The symbols are also slightly offset from white in order to soften the boundaries between them and the coloured backgrounds.

As I am going for an ‘easy to understand’ approach with the water cycle, I think that flat design would look appropriate for my infographic poster. Most flat designs are created as vectors in software such as Adobe Illustrator or free to use software like Inkscape. As we are required to produce our poster in vector format, I know that flat design will be a good place to start.

We have 24/7 access to the Mac suites on campus so I intend to do some experimentation with this style of design to get the hang of using it for my final piece.


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