Time and Space Task (Part Two)

To start off with the shutter speed side of the brief, I tried to use my digital compact camera on an eight second shutter. It took a few attempts to get the lighting correct in the room, as my image either turned out completely black or white. Once the light balance was correct, I managed to take a few shots.

SAM_1126 SAM_1125 SAM_1124

As I only had a tiny tripod at hand, I was restricted to finding a subject within my house. I decided to go with the tap, as the water made quite a disturbance when flowing into the glass and flowed out on a continuous cycle. The pictures above make it look as if mist is being poured out of the tap rather than water, which ironically still works with the ‘cycle’ theme (the water cycle, for instance).

SAM_1135 SAM_1134 SAM_1133

The only other motion I could think to capture involved me physically rolling something in front of the lens, so that is what I ended up doing. I found a tin can and rolled it around at different speeds in front of the lens to produce different effects. The first two were where I held the tin in place for two seconds at a time before moving it, whereas the last one was where I continuously rocked the tin back and forth.
Just rolling the tin past the lens did not work, as it moved too fast for the camera to pick up on the motion.

I plan to take a trip out with my house mate Tom tonight in order to use his DSLR for better shots.


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