Time and Space Task (Part One)

For our next task, we have been asked to experiment with photography relating to time. The two main methods for this brief are to use fast and slow shutter speeds in order to capture specific moments but in different ways. For instance, a fast shutter speed can make it look as if the subject has been frozen in motion, whereas a slow shutter speed will make it look as if the subject is moving much faster than they actually are. Our theme for this task is ‘Cycle’. As Cycle is quite a broad theme, I am going to experiment with different responses to this brief.

Whereas the previous task did not require us to have a specific camera, it is apparent that in order to respond to this task successfully we will need access to a DSLR camera. There is the option to take equipment out on loan via SISO, though the process for doing so is very long-winded and tedious. Fortunately, my house mate and fellow Media School student, Tom, owns a DSLR and tripod which he has very kindly agreed to let me borrow for this task.

I do own a digital compact camera (which I will take some photos with as well) though it can only go up to eight seconds on shutter speed, which isn’t very helpful.

The third part of this task is to create a ‘joiner’ image in the style of David Hockney. David Hockney is very well known for his cubism inspired photograph collages, which piece together a whole image using hundred of smaller shots from a wider subject area. I haven’t yet decided what I am going to base my collage on, though I have looked at some of Hockney’s work and particularly like this piece:

This piece is called ‘Still Life Blue Guitar’. I think I might try and do something similar for mine, as I really like the way this one slots together as a whole.


Hockney, D., 1982. Still Life Blue Guitar [online]. Available at http://www.hockneypictures.com/photos/photos_polaroids.php [7th October 2014]


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