Alphabet Photography (Part Two)

A B C D E(2) FG H I J K LM N o P Q r S(2) T U(2) v W X Y Z

Above are the twenty six letters that Tina and I managed to find that followed the theme of ‘household items’. Some of the letters proved challenging to find due to our household limitation, though we managed to find each letter after a few days of searching for them. The letter that proved the most difficult to find was ‘G/g’, which we ended up using a tin can for in the end (it’s difficult to see it at first but the curves and indents on the lid form the letter).

To see if our alphabet was easy to read, I formed our names from the letters in order to take them out of the ordered structure. Some letters are definitely easier to read than others, though I think we did a good job in finding clear and visible letters in our houses.


Once Tina had sent me all of her letters, I decided to edit the photos in Photoshop to take away the distracting colours from each piece. I lowered the saturation by 70% as well as offsetting the photos slightly to darken the shadows. I think that the final set works well together in this way and that you can see the link between each photo.



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