Alphabet Photography (Part One)

For our first task (excluding the induction tasks!) we have been asked to take abstract photographs of what we perceive as letters from the alphabet. The purpose of this task is to broaden our depth of perception towards the world around us in order to help develop our creativity.The task states that we should work in pairs, though we were given the choice to work alone as well. I chose to work with Tina for this task, as we both had the idea of following a ‘household objects’ theme. Initially, we thought that it might be a good idea to find thirteen letters each, though some letters are much harder to find than others so we scrapped this idea. In the end we decided to just search for all twenty six between us and compile our results at the end . My current letters are a mix of uppercase and lowercase, which I think fits with the ‘abstract’ theme of the task.


For inspiration, I decided to browse through the website to see some professional photographs. I found that most of the images followed a certain theme (architecture, for instance) and that this helped bring the photographs together as a whole. I think that most people in our seminar group have decided to go for an outdoors theme of construction or nature, so our household theme will hopefully look quite different.

Once we have found every letter of the alphabet, I plan to arrange them all into a grid format and edit them accordingly to look as if they are part of a set. I really like the low-saturation levels in the examples found on, as the colours do not distract you from the letters themselves. I hope to do something similar to this for our final collage.


Blakeley, J., and WISE, M., 2007. Alphabet Photography UK [online]Available from: [October 2nd 2014]


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